Catering Venues

Hotel Del Monte, created by railroad pioneer Charles Crocker (1822-1888), opened in June 1880. It was billed as “The Most Charming Winter and Summer Resort in the World”. Club Del Monte is an art deco jewel and a trip to the past, and we like everyone to experience its history from the first step they take. We host a variety of functions, big or small, and work endlessly to perfect your request. Let us cater to you and live up to the expectations of Club Del Monte.

This was the Hotel Del Monte’s dining room, described as “palatial”, in the 1926 commemorative edition of Keeler’s Hotel Weekly. The ornate fountain combines unique and skillful artisanship with the utmost of design in inlaid mosaic-patterned tiling. Five magnificent chandeliers grace the ornate Spanish ceiling casting a candlelight glow throughout the room. Hotel Del Monte's dining room was elegant in all respects, and even served hundreds of aviation cadets and Sailors in quick meals during World War II. The Barbara McNitt Ballroom accommodates groups of 150 to 600 seated and up to 1,000 for a standing reception. 

The El Prado Room, originally the Grill Room, was designed for late night dining, dancing, and special events. Circus Night, Orient night, and A Surrealistic Night in an Enchanted Forest were hosted in this room by Salvador Dalí and Templeton Crocker, the nephew of Charles Crocker (Founder of Hotel Del Monte). This room provides a cherry wood dance floor, beautiful chandeliers, wall sconces, and soft arches. The El Prado Dining Room accommodates groups of 75-150.

The La Novia Room was initially called the Copper Cup Room. It was renamed after artist Jo Mora completed his masterpiece La Novia diorama in 1939. La Novia also served as a library in World War II. The detail that went into this room is remarkable.  From its hand painted beams to its sculpture wood trim, this room accommodates groups of 25-90.

If you love the feel of the ocean breeze and warm sun, this private location is calling your name. With a view of the Monterey Bay and sitting privately above the Del Monte Beach, it is a wonderful location to host a once in a lifetime ceremony and reception. This location is seasonal from May 1 – Sept 30. 

A European-style rose garden with boxwood hedge-lined flower beds, gravel paths, and sculpted trees, this site begs for a romantic Victorian or modern-day wedding. This ceremony location accommodates groups of 150-400.

The Roman Plunge and solarium were built in 1915, and having been recently renovated, are ready for your event. Ceremonies, classes, and competitive events were all held at the plunge. You can easily imagine the endless smiles and laughter from all ages that have occurred in this historic park setting. Enjoy the lovely view, as this venue can accommodate up to 100 people.