Are you eligible to make a reservation?

Armed Forces active-duty and their family members
Members of Reserve Components
Cadets of Service Academies and U.S. Merchant Marine Cadets
Members of the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Active Duty
Armed Forces retirees retired from active duty and their family members
Retired from the Reserve Components with Pay and Retired without Pay
Honorably discharged veterans with 100 percent Service-connected disability and involuntarily separated Service members under the Transition Assistance Management Program
Medal of Honor Recipients
U.S. DoD civilians (both APF and NAF)
APF, NAF and retired DoD and Coast Guard civilians
Veterans awarded the Purple Heart
Former prisoners of war (POWs) and spouses of POWs or Service members missing in action and their family members
All veterans with a service-connected disability
Individuals assessed, approved, and designated as the primary family caregiver of eligible veterans under the Department of Veteran Affairs Pro-gram of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers
Guests of the Armed Forces as determined by the installation commander
Un-remarried surviving spouses of personnel who died while on active duty or while in retired status, and un-remarried former spouses who were married to Military Service members for at least 20 years while the Service member was on active duty
Surviving children of Service Members who have not been adopted by new parents and are under 21 years old (or over if they are incapable of supporting themselves, or under 23 years old if they are in full-time study)
Medical personnel under contract to the Military Services during periods when they are residing to NSAM
Military and civilian personnel of foreign nations and their family members when on U.S. military orders assigning them to the United States
DoD contract personnel and technical representatives working full-time on NSAM
Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets when participating in field training or practice cruises
Non-DoD Federal employees and contractors working full-time on NSAM
MHPI employees or residents and privatized Army lodging employees
Sponsored guests who are not otherwise eligible to use MWR programs when specifically invited and accompanied by an authorized patron.  Please refer to section on sponsorship
Leaders in the local community designated by the installation commander
Members of the general public can attend infrequent MWR sponsored events when authorized by the installation commander
Members of the general public may use Category C programs on a continual basis when authorized by the installation commander



All eligible patrons may sponsor hotel guests not otherwise eligible.  In addition to the sponsor’s room, the sponsor may reserve three additional rooms (total of four rooms).  Requests for five or more rooms must be submitted to the hotel’s Group Coordinator.

Reservations made by a sponsor must be made in the name of the sponsor, not in the name of the guest.  The guest’s name will be added to the reservation.

At check in, the sponsor must be present and present his or her ID to verify eligibility; the ID must match the name on the reservation.  Each sponsored guest must also present a valid ID to verify his or her identity.

Sponsored rooms are $10 more per night if sponsor is not staying in the hotel.

We do not assist in arranging gate access for the sponsor’s guest(s).  This is the responsibility of the sponsor.  However, we will provide the necessary information to assist the sponsor in doing so.


Base Access

All visitors requesting unescorted access must be vetted prior to being granted entry onto the installation.  Contact the Sloat Main Gate Office at 831-656-3643 for information.  Customer service hours are Monday through Friday 0730-1130 and 1200–1500.

Military active-duty and their dependents, retired military, reservists, civil service employees and approved contractors who possess valid DoD identification cards are considered Trusted Agents and may sponsor guests requesting unescorted access to the base.  A Trusted Agent and all occupants in the Trusted Agent's automobile can enter the base if the Trusted Agent shows a valid DoD ID card at an NSA gate.  However, without unescorted access, visitors/guests MUST always be escorted by Trusted Agents until the visitors/guests leave the installation and the sponsor must take full responsibility for them and their actions.